Education – The Backbone of Nation

Education is the backbone of the nation,” said a wise man. No man can succeed in life without it. Even in worldnewshunt our digital age, education is the backbone of a nation. A guru once said that no nation, no race, can excel without it.

The New Order government made a major investment in the education system during the oil boom, but then reduced spending drastically. By the late 1980s, government spending on education had dropped to just one percent of GDP. This was below the average of other low-middle-income countries and comparable neighbouring nations. Since then, however, government amazinginfo spending on education has increased.

Unfortunately, Indonesia’s thewebgross education system has fallen short of its goals of being an international competitive system. The reasons for this include insufficient funding, inadequate human resources, perverse incentive structures, and politics. The New Order continued to favor elites over education, but after the fall of the New Order, progressive NGOs began to get involved in education policymaking.

Throughout history, education magazineweb360 lpllive has been shaped by social changes. During the Victorian era, Colonial New England encouraged the use of public schools funded by taxation. Massachusetts led the way with an innovative program authored by Horace Mann in the mid nineteenth century. While public education was only available at the elementary level, it eventually expanded to the high school level. Following the Civil War, many cities built high schools. Meanwhile, southern states gave weak support to segregated all-black schools. In response, northern philanthropy helped the establishment of fotolognews simasvip private black colleges.

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