Why Private Schools Are Better Than Public

There are a few reasons why private schools are better than public schools. For one, students from private schools are more likely to perform well academically and have better discipline. For another, there’s the “community” factor at play. Private schools, like Catholic ones, enforce values and a sense of community. The researchers attribute the superior performance of private schools to this “community” effect. They point to the parallel between the values of a school and the values of a family.

Another reason why private schools are better than public is that parents are involved in their child’s education. The smaller class sizes allow teachers to spend more time helping students with special needs. And smaller class sizes give students a sense of community and school pride. One study by the Fraser Institute found that 62% of parents felt that private schools were nurturing and made their children feel good about their school. Smaller classes also help students focus better on studying and learning.

There is also a more diverse student population at public schools. Private schools tend to be beyond the reach of poorer families, so children from different races and socioeconomic levels are likely to be less exposed in a private school. If your child is looking to socialize with students from different walks of life, public school is the way to go. They will meet new friends and develop friendships with kids from all walks of life.

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